Rachel How

Hi! You can call me Rach.

Rachel How is a self-taught Senior Product Designer, YouTuber, Webflow Developer, Maker. Currently, she works at Fave. She is known for her design YouTube channel, beautiful designs and the drive to hustle.

Rachel’s proudest achievement is growing her YouTube channel from 0 to 8K subscribers in 2 months and featured by Matt d’Avella on his newsletter on Aug 2021. When the pandemic hit, Rachel founded Malaysians Who Make community, bringing 160+ local creators together.

Rachel believes in becoming 1% better every day. Her bucket list is to build an indie product and impact 1B people by making design education accessible to the world.

When Rachel is not designing, she is making videos, coding, reading about product building or hugging her cats.

You can find Rachel on YouTube,Twitter or LinkedIn.


Creating content on Youtube
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Helping junior designers learn about design, self-development and productivity.

Writing my newsletter
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10X your design skills & productivity. Learnings from my journey in design, content creation, solopreneurship.

Senior Product Designer at Fave
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Leading design for Fave's consumer-facing products.

Building a local founder community
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Malaysians Who Make, a safe space for local founders.


Guest, TubeTalk Podcast / Sep 2021

Guest Panelist on Product Design, Swarm.work / Aug 2021

Featured on Matt d'Avella Slow Growth Newsletter / Aug 2021

Featured on Workspaces.xyz Newsletter / Aug 2021

Guest Speaker, Mr Money TV / Jul 2021

Guest, Conversations Over Coffee Podcast / Jun 2021

Guest Panelist, Women Who Code Kuala Lumpur / Mar 2021

Design Mentor on ADPList / Feb 2021

Fave Employee Award - Be Better Every Day / Jan 2021

Guest Speaker, Friends of Figma Kuala Lumpur / Dec 2020

Webinar, A Self-Taught Designer's Journey / Oct 2020

Malaysians Who Make is featured on IndieHackers newsletter / Oct 19, 2020

Guest Speaker at Monash University Malaysia / Sep 2020

$1.3K MRR on product design for clients / Aug 2020

Article featured on Prototypr.io / Jun 2020

Built Malaysians Who Make — 1,000+ views in 7 days / May 2020

Top 10 Team at CYHI Hackathon, Hong Leong Bank / Apr 2019

Sharing my learnings on design, self-development & solopreneurship.

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