Rachel How

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Hi. I'm Rachel! I'm a self-taught Independent Product Designer, Creator, Webflow Developer, Entrepreneur.

I advocate for the digital economy and believe in becoming 1% better every day.

I aspire to bootstrap online businesses and make product design and personal finance education accessible to all, while living a minimal, intentional life in Malaysia.


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I talk about UI/UX design, solopreneurship & productivity.

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Get actionable tips on UI/UX design and Solopreneurship.

Independent Product Designer
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UI/UX design, Webflow/Framer Development and UI/UX design consultation.

Cofounder at Slick Inbox
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Features & Awards

Creator Spotlight on Snail Mail Newsletter by Matt d'Avella, Aug 2021

Workspaces.xyz Newsletter, Aug 2021

'Be Better Every Day' Award by Fave Asia, Jan 2021

Malaysians Who Make featured on IndieHackers Newsletter, Oct 19, 2020

An article I wrote featured on Prototypr, Jun 2020

Top 10 Team at CYHI Hackathon by Hong Leong Bank, Apr 2019



Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Studied hard, got good grades but failed to get a scholarship


Dropped out of Law Degree after 3 months

2016 - 2018

Tried different jobs like customer service rep, body lotion salesperson, real estate agent, working in an ad agency, digital marketing manager

April 2019

Joined a 24 hour hackathon, team won as Top 10, received first UI/UX design job offer

July 2019

Became a Product Designer at Fave

May 2020

Built 'Malaysians Who Make' - 1,000+ views in 7 days

May 2021

Started my YouTube channel, reached 10K subscribers in 3 months

May 29, 2022

80,000 Subscribers on YouTube! (Also, quit my job)

July 2022

Starting my new job

Aug 2022

Quit my new job to go all-in on my solopreneur adventure ✨


To be continued :)

Speaking & Interviews

TubeTalk Podcast, Sep 2021

Swarm - Design Roundtable, Aug 2021

Mr Money TV, Jul 2021

Conversations Over Coffee Podcast, Jun 2021

Women Who Code Kuala Lumpur - Product Design for Product Managers, Mar 2021

Friends of Figma Kuala Lumpur, Dec 2020

Sondr - A Self-Taught Designer's Journey, Oct 2020

Monash University Malaysia, Sep 2020

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